Integra Steel Truss, Inc.

The name Integra reflects our guiding principles: innovation and unique solutions crafted individually for each customer. We have quickly become an industry leader in providing a total cold-formed steel truss solution. Integra Steel Truss, Inc. was founded in 2012 with over 40 years of truss industry experience. We offer top notch services in Cold Formed Steel Trusses including: Estimates, Design Development, BIM Coordination, Cold Formed Steel Truss Fabrication, Truss Submittal Drawings, and Engineered Sealed Drawings. We offer two Cold Formed Steel Truss manufacturing facilities located in Banning, California as well as Englewood, Colorado. Our Cold Formed Steel facilities are both TPI Certified and undergo a complete quality control procedure.


Leading The Way

Cold Formed Steel is changing the construction industry with every new project. Integra Steel Truss, Inc. will make your next project seamless with the use of Cold Formed Steel Trusses offering the following benefits:



Light weight for easy maneuvering around the jobsite as well as an effortless installation

The New Green

The New Green

All truss materials provided including accessories are produced from 61.2% of recycled steel

Over-all Price

Overall Price

Cold-Formed Steel trusses frame faster and easier making it virtually maintenance free

Why Choose Integra?

  • Quick and competitive estimates
  • Experienced sales staff
  • Willing to tackle any project
  • Design Assistance
  • Included Building Information Model (BIM)
  • Experienced design staff
  • Clear and concise truss placement plans
  • Custom details
  • Bent Metal Packages
  • Jobsite Delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Jobsite Visits
  • Shipments to Hawaii