Erik Carrasco : Senior Design Technician/BIM Coordinator

Erik Carrasco

Senior Design Technician/BIM Coordinator

Erik began his career in 2002 at the age of 16 working a summer job as a blueprint maker, which sparked his interest in the construction industry. Interested in drafting, Erik was recruited as a Drafting Tech working on projects that ranged from Commercial Tenant Improvements to Custom Homes. Years later, he was hired by one of the leading Wood Truss Manufacturers as a Truss Design Tech. Because of his knowledge in construction and his CAD experience, he was selected to be part of a team that would pursue Cold-Formed Steel Truss Design. Today, he leads the design team at Integra, where he was part of the original founding team. When Erik isn't glued to his home office chair, you can find him and his wife catching rays at the beach or dining at one of their favorite restaurants in their hometown of Los Angeles, California.

Daniel Kraft : Design Technician/BIM Coordinator

Daniel Kraft

Design Technician/BIM Coordinator

Before trusses, Daniel’s background was mostly focused on art. Starting with drawing and painting, he eventually majored in graphic design at college. Daniel spent roughly 11 years designing wood trusses, prior to joining the Integra Family. Filling various roles in operations, Daniel worked in quality control, as a lead instructor and trainer for new design hires, was responsible for production schedules, and supervised a Design Team, eventually working his way up to Design Manager. Beyond art, he enjoys both watching and playing basketball and is a self-proclaimed basketball addict. He also loves to spend time with his family and his wife of over 10 years.

Miguel Nolasco : Design Technician

Miguel Nolasco

Design Technician