Jane Duff : Senior Sales / Estimator

Jane Duff

Senior Sales / Estimator

Active in the Truss Industry since 2002, Jane joined the team at Integra in October 2012. As an Estimator / Sales Person, she concentrates on business development; building the business of both new and current customers. At Integra Steel Truss, Inc., she provides bids for a wide range of projects and can be counted on to deliver last minute bids with a quick turn-around time. A mom of 4 boys, including a set of 17 year-old twins, Jane loves spending time with her family which has now grown to include 2 grandsons.


Martin Patino : Estimator / Production Specialist / Design Technician

Martin Patino

Estimator / Production Specialist / Design Technician

Soon after graduating from college, Martin landed a job at a wood truss company where he worked for 6 years as lead truss designer and developed his truss knowledge. Joining Integra Steel Truss, Inc. as an Estimator, he learned all about steel trusses, from design, production, to delivery, which ultimately lead to his current position as Production Specialist. Martin loves photography and tries to spend his free time trying new things with his cameras. In addition to various photography projects for friends, he has been given the opportunity to also do photography work for Integra. One of his photographs can be seen on the cover of Structural Building Components Magazine, as well as in a calendar that Integra’s steel provider, Aegis Metal Framing, sent out to all its customers.