The Complete Cold-Formed Steel / Light-Gauge Metal Roof & Floor Solution

Integra Steel Truss, Inc. is here to provide you with complete service for your next project. We strive for excellence and we will assist you from start to finish. Toggle the drop down buttons below to discover ways Integra can benefit you on your next project!

Truss Submittal Packages

Field-Friedly & Easily Understandable

With over 40 plus years in the industry, our truss design team has seen it all. Integra’s Truss Submittal packages are clear and straightforward. Our friendly design staff is more than willing to answer all questions that may arise throughout the entirety of the project.

Benefits of Integra Submittal Package:

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Clear and Concise Truss Placement Diagrams

At Integra Steel Truss, Inc., we understand the importance of clear and understandable truss placement diagrams. Our Design staff takes the extra time to strategically label the trusses uniquely to aid in the location of the building. Some examples include: CGxx for Corner Girders, HGxx for Hip Girders and DTxx for Drag Trusses.

Connections Designed with the Installer In-mind

All connections are clearly marked and designated by unique tags as well as color coordinated to its respective connection type. Integra knows that ease of installation plays a big part in the over all success and timing of any project, and strives to design all connections simplistically.

Cross Sections Provided at Every Unique Condition

When dimensions and and overall placement just doesn’t cut it, installers need a visual of how things all work together. Integra will work with you to insure every unique or questionable area in the roof system is detailed and sectioned out guaranteeing installation will continue without question.

BIM / Building Information Modeling

Reduce Issues in field through 3D Coordination

Building Information Modeling enhances proficiency and accuracy for the entire project. With the use of Steel Engine™ , Integra Steel Truss, Inc. can take part in the cuting edge technology of modeling for collaboration purposes. Integra has had success collaborating with General Contractors, steel erectors, Architects, Structural Engineers, as well as HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors to quickly identify and resolve any and all potential conflicts beforehand.

Benefits of a Building Information Model:

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Reduce Rework and Potential Issues with Coordination

Building Information Modeling With the use of Building Information Modeling on the rise, many General Contractors are requiring all trades to furnish 3D models for the use of coordination. Integra has been successful in several projects with coordination, reducing errors in the field for a seamless installation!

Visualize the Complete Truss System Beforehand

Building Information Modeling Many times, due to the overall complexity of a project, Standard Truss Placement Plans just will not cut it. With the use of 3D Modeling, Integra has the ability to include snap shots of unique framing areas so our customers can have a visual aid as well as giving installers a clear idea of Integra’s design intent, or even make modifications if needed.

Design Smarter…Install Faster

Not only does BIM aid with coordination and installers visual interpretation, BIM also has the ability to help Integra Steel Truss, Inc. design a smarter truss system. Integra’s designer’s have the ability to design “with” the design team, helping them design cheaper and more efficient, which saves you as a customer, MONEY!

Cold-Formed Steel/Light-Gauge Metal Roof & Floor Systems

Cold-Formed Steel – Easy and Efficient

Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) provides you to build and install more quickly and efficiently. Partnering with Aegis Metal Framing’s Ultra-Span® material, Integra can provide our customers the opportunity for a cost effective solution.

Benefits of a Cold-Formed Steel / Light-Gauge Metal Roof System:

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Fabricated, Packaged & Ready to Install

Truss Packages Our Project Managers know how important it is to keep things organized. Our truss packages are “accordion packaged,” always with the installers in mind. Each job package includes Truss Package numbers as well as a bundling plan!

Light-Weight & Strong Enough to Clear Span 80 Feet!

80 FT Clear Span Our trusses are designed with a wide range of profiles and gauges to ensure a cost effective solution. With materials ranging from 35mil (50 ksi) to 97mil (50ksi), Integra will do what it takes to get your job done, whatever the span may be!

A True Complete Cold-Formed Solution

CFS Complete Solution At Integra Steel Truss, Inc. we know the importance of a complete package. Our services include more than just trusses and truss connections. We strive to offer our customers custom bent angles, bracing, as well as CFS Wall Panels!

Typical Truss Connection Videos

Integra Steel Truss, Inc. is here to provide you with as much help and information as we can! Our partners at Aegis Metal Framing have created exclusive vidoes to help illustrate some of our most typical scenarios.

Truss to Bearing

Installing our trusses couldn’t be more easy! This video illustrates a typical truss installation on a steel bearing.

Truss to Truss

Truss to Truss Connections can be tedious to install. This video illustrates a how simple some of our standard connections can be!

Typical Bracing

This video illustrates the simplicity of our bracing design and installation. At Integra, we provide a complete bracing system!